IZM: Day 22 Mandala

The prompt for my International Zine Month 2020: Zine A Day project for Day 22 was Mandala. For me, that meant using found images to improve my pattern-drawing skills… What is a Mandala? A Mandala is a circular illustration representing the universe as seen in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism. In their traditional form, Mandalas are circles […]

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Illustration: Lana Brysys

Let me introduce you to Lana Brysys of The Trollflayers… I mean, we only actually flayed a troll one time, and mostly because Jhaan wanted to eat it, but the name kind of stuck. Katie’s partner Aeryn is an experienced Dungeons & Dragons player, and she was wonderful enough to offer to DM for us […]

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IZM: Day 12 Pattern

The prompt for my International Zine Month 2020: Zine A Day project for Day 12 was Pattern. For me, that meant putting my tutorial hat on and creating a how to draw patterns guide zine! I am excited to start creating more tutorial style videos on my YouTube, and on this blog! This little zine was […]

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Illustration: Maleficent

Animated Maleficent fits the traditional “crone” archetype perfectly. I was so enamoured with the recent re-telling of the Disney classic, where her character becomes relatable, and is given great depth. We see her develop from an innocent child, through a bitter betrayal, to become the “Mistress of Evil” that she is touted to be. Yet, […]

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Zine: Mermaid Tails

Chloe Henderson is secretly a mermaid! In this zine she has illustrated all the forms that her magical mermaid tail takes when she hits the water….. The art I am sharing with you today is a short timelapse drawing process for my Mermaid Tails Zine. I created this zine for Coin-Operated Press to demonstrate how […]

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  Smaug is an ode to my lovely little rat boy who sadly passed over the rainbow bridge a few months ago. I wanted to remember him by creating this artwork. You can discover more about Smaug, and the rest of my mischief of rats by subscribing over on Fluffy Jellyfish. Smaug Ink, and watercolours, […]

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Paradise Lodge

This past Fringe Festival I was working for a fantastic show called Paradise Lodge. They were so wonderful to work for, and it was such an amazing show that I wanted to create an illustration to congratulate the team on their incredible Fringe run!! Congratulations guys, you were brilliant!!! Paradise Lodge Ink, and Watercolours on […]

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That time I drew Andrew O’Neill as a magpie because he told some jokes and they were funny. We Are Not In The Least Afraid Of Ruins, We Carry A New World In Our Hearts is showing at Edinburgh Fringe now, every day at 17:30 at the Liquid Rooms… and it’s FREE!! So, go and […]


Survival? Illustration

“Every year, 8 million metric tons of plastics enter our ocean on top of the estimated 150 million metric tons that currently circulate our marine environments.” Survival? Ink, watercolours, and salt on paper. July 2019 by Chloe Henderson Would you like your own commissioned artwork with an included drawing timelapse video? Check out my website for more details. Much arty love. […]

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Dan: A Glittery Birthday Commission

This commission was so much fun to work on! I really loved being given the challenge of doing a full glitter background to make the wonderful Dan even more fabulous! I definitely want to do more glitter work in the future!!! Stay tuned for more sparkles… Happy Birthday Dan ❤❤❤ Dan Ink, and glitter on paper. […]

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To India & Back Again…

This year my amazing Mum turned 50. For her Birthday, my Dad took my Mum to India for the whole month of January! The two of them posted all of their adventures on Instagram, and we all felt like we were travelling with them due to the frequency of posts!! but I am really glad […]

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