Zine: Has Issues

Has Issues is a cut and paste zine, created purely from terrible “women’s interest” magazines. Inside you will find collaged artwork, and poetry constructed from the content’s of the trashy magazine pages. This edition focuses on how much Chloe hates the beauty industry. Has Issues is now available in my store. Click me to shop […]

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IZM: Day 7 Climate

The prompt for my International Zine Month 2020: Zine A Day project for Day 7 was Climate. For me, that meant writing tips on how to be more environmentally friendly in small ways! When it comes to tackling the climate crisis, I think we all need to start small. Enacting manageable bite-size changes is much better […]

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Zines: Self Care in Lockdown

Yesterday I had another fantastic virtual zine-making session with Rosie! Pop back a couple of posts to check out the mini-zine I made in the previous session. Last time, my zine was all about anxiety, so this time I felt like it would be a good idea to make a zine all about self care! […]

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The Alicia Mclennan Saga: A Fantastical Historical Journal Illustration Commission

[PUBLIC POST] The Alicia Mclennan Saga is a piece that was a collaboration between myself and Craig Henderson. This artwork was created as a Christmas gift for someone who is a little dark, but also likes unicorns… Craig wrote the fictional diary excerpts, and with a little guidance I created the antique-looking illustrated journal pages. […]

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#ArtADay Day 2 (Natural Safety)

  Natural Safety is the second drawing in my #ArtADay challenge (follow me on Instagram for more) and it is getting me back into the sexed up side of my illustrations. Sex positivity is important, and I want to share as much positivity in this crazy little world as I can!! Day 2 (Natural Safety) […]

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To India & Back Again…

This year my amazing Mum turned 50. For her Birthday, my Dad took my Mum to India for the whole month of January! The two of them posted all of their adventures on Instagram, and we all felt like we were travelling with them due to the frequency of posts!! but I am really glad […]

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