😈 ZINE FEATURE: Sex Positive by Coin-Operated Press 😈

Hello wonderful Sea Slug friends! Today, I want to share Coin-Operated Press‘ latest zine with you: Sex Positive!  “Coin-Operated Press is celebrating sex positivity! 43 contributors slipped into something sexy and shared their deepest desires with us in this zine. Inside you will find: sapphic tarot lovers, an essay on consent, phallic mushrooms, bondage photography, […]

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Zine: Mermaid Tails

Chloe Henderson is secretly a mermaid! In this zine she has illustrated all the forms that her magical mermaid tail takes when she hits the water….. The art I am sharing with you today is a short timelapse drawing process for my Mermaid Tails Zine. I created this zine for Coin-Operated Press to demonstrate how […]

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