That time I drew Andrew O’Neill as a magpie because he told some jokes and they were funny. We Are Not In The Least Afraid Of Ruins, We Carry A New World In Our Hearts is showing at Edinburgh Fringe now, every day at 17:30 at the Liquid Rooms… and it’s FREE!! So, go and […]


The Chimera Artist

A mysterious creature, known only as The Artist, uses alchemy to transform victimised everyday people into fantastical Chimeras. After becoming obsessed by The Artist, an ordinary American Filmmaker makes it his duty to document every movement of The Artist, and tracks down her other victims to tell their strange stories… “Truly inspiring.” – Tentacled Heroes […]

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Too Cute: Sweet is about to get Sinister

“Artist and filmmaker Rachel Maclean examines the world of cuteness by curating works from the Arts Council Collection and Birmingham’s collection to reveal how objects and images can have the unique ability to be simultaneously sweet and yet sinister. Contemporary life is saturated by cuteness, from adult onesies to social media photo- filters, playground-like office spaces […]

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25th One Second Every Day

Another year, another set of seconds. To understand where this idea originated, watch this wonderful TED talk One Second Every Day by Cesar Kuriyama. I am not the first to be suitably inspired by such a glorious idea – just google “one second every day” and thousands of lives pop up – and hopefully I […]

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