💚 Drawing LOKI 💚

[PATREON-EARLY-ACCESS] Hello wonderful art friends! I am here to show off my latest fan art drawing… meet LOKI!! It took me much longer than I wanted to draw our good God of Mischief because I have hurt my wrist! Not quite sure what’s going on, but I have a doctor’s appointment next week to figure […]

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😻 RUDE CAT Stickers! 😻

These are rude cats that you can stick on things. That is all. BUY YOUR RUDE CAT STICKERS NOW!!! Sticker Sizes: approx 5x6cm each These stickers are printed on a white premium adhesive film in brilliant full colour. They have a PVC-free glossy weather-resistant laminate to give your new sticker a 2-4 year minimum outdoor […]

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💖 Be my Valenzine? 💖

[PUBLIC POST] Hello wonderful art friends! Will you be my valenzine? 💖 I drew this illustration as a greeting card design for Coin-Operated Press (my zine company) and I am a little bit in love with it! I can’t wait to order my own cards from the CoinOp Shop and send all my zine love […]

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Illustration: Lana Brysys

Let me introduce you to Lana Brysys of The Trollflayers… I mean, we only actually flayed a troll one time, and mostly because Jhaan wanted to eat it, but the name kind of stuck. Katie’s partner Aeryn is an experienced Dungeons & Dragons player, and she was wonderful enough to offer to DM for us […]

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Illustration: Maleficent

Animated Maleficent fits the traditional “crone” archetype perfectly. I was so enamoured with the recent re-telling of the Disney classic, where her character becomes relatable, and is given great depth. We see her develop from an innocent child, through a bitter betrayal, to become the “Mistress of Evil” that she is touted to be. Yet, […]

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Zine: Mermaid Tails

Chloe Henderson is secretly a mermaid! In this zine she has illustrated all the forms that her magical mermaid tail takes when she hits the water….. The art I am sharing with you today is a short timelapse drawing process for my Mermaid Tails Zine. I created this zine for Coin-Operated Press to demonstrate how […]

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  Smaug is an ode to my lovely little rat boy who sadly passed over the rainbow bridge a few months ago. I wanted to remember him by creating this artwork. You can discover more about Smaug, and the rest of my mischief of rats by subscribing over on Fluffy Jellyfish. Smaug Ink, and watercolours, […]

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MONSTER straMASH at GENERATORprojects 2020 Members’ Show 2020

“The ‘GENERATORprojects Annual Members’ Show 2020’ is an exhibition created to highlight the important and varied work being completed by the membership of Dundee’s oldest artist run initiative. The exhibition is not only a fantastic event for visitors old and new, but also an invaluable experience for the members themselves as it provides an opportunity […]

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#ArtADay 2020

#ArtADay I am starting 2020 by setting myself a creative challenge to make art everyday. From full-scale illustrations, to a sketchbook doodle, or a cut and paste collage, to a little poem, or an abstract painting, to a ring made from glitter… and everything in between!! I want to get into the good habit of […]

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Chloe is creating ART on Patreon

WHO IS CHLOE HENDERSON? Hi there! My name is Chloe Henderson. I am an interdisciplinary artist based in Edinburgh, Scotland. I am mainly known for my highly-patterned illustrations. I also trained as a jeweller, and I am developing a passion for making art films. I have just graduated from The Birmingham School of Jewellery with a […]

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The Chimera Artist

A mysterious creature, known only as The Artist, uses alchemy to transform victimised everyday people into fantastical Chimeras. After becoming obsessed by The Artist, an ordinary American Filmmaker makes it his duty to document every movement of The Artist, and tracks down her other victims to tell their strange stories… “Truly inspiring.” – Tentacled Heroes […]

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