Hello wonderful art friends! On my desk today is the electric team of Ash & Pikachu as I mark off another entry in my Pokedex of Pokemon illustrations! “Pikachu, the Mouse Pokémon. It can generate electric attacks from the electric pouches located in both of its cheeks. Pikachu’s tail is sometimes struck by lightning as […]

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🎨 Make an Illustration Portfolio Zine with me at Swansea Zine Fest ✂️

“Swansea Zine Fest is a not-for-profit event held to celebrate fanzines and DIY self-publishing. The very first SZF was held in 2018. The organisers are three Swansea-based zinesters and activists. A zine (pronounced “zeen,” as in “maga-zine”) is a self-published, small circulation, non-commercial booklet or magazine, usually produced by one person or a few individuals. Zines […]

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💚 Drawing LOKI 💚

[PATREON-EARLY-ACCESS] Hello wonderful art friends! I am here to show off my latest fan art drawing… meet LOKI!! It took me much longer than I wanted to draw our good God of Mischief because I have hurt my wrist! Not quite sure what’s going on, but I have a doctor’s appointment next week to figure […]

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😻 RUDE CAT Stickers! 😻

These are rude cats that you can stick on things. That is all. BUY YOUR RUDE CAT STICKERS NOW!!! Sticker Sizes: approx 5x6cm each These stickers are printed on a white premium adhesive film in brilliant full colour. They have a PVC-free glossy weather-resistant laminate to give your new sticker a 2-4 year minimum outdoor […]

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💖 Be my Valenzine? 💖

[PUBLIC POST] Hello wonderful art friends! Will you be my valenzine? 💖 I drew this illustration as a greeting card design for Coin-Operated Press (my zine company) and I am a little bit in love with it! I can’t wait to order my own cards from the CoinOp Shop and send all my zine love […]

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