😈 ZINE FEATURE: Pain Party Afterparty 😈

Hello wonderful Sea Slug pals!

My (After) The First Time illustration was featured on the cover of Afterparty which was a special edition mini-zine published alongside Pain Party #3 Special Occasion. 

Pain Party is a collaborative zine based in Scotland, with writing, photography and illustration about SM, fetish and power exchange. #1 and #2 are for sale and #3 is coming later this year.

I am super proud to have my illustration not only featured in this zine but displayed proudly on the front cover of the special mini-zine!! Thank you Pain Party for making such a beautiful zine!

You can pick up copies of Pain Party zines on their Etsy store HERE.

Has your work been featured in any cool zines lately?! I’d love to check them out! Drop some links down in the comments below!!

Much art love.
Chloe out.