😈 ZINE FEATURE: Sex Positive by Coin-Operated Press 😈

Hello wonderful Sea Slug friends!

Today, I want to share Coin-Operated Press‘ latest zine with you: Sex Positive

Coin-Operated Press is celebrating sex positivity! 43 contributors slipped into something sexy and shared their deepest desires with us in this zine. Inside you will find: sapphic tarot lovers, an essay on consent, phallic mushrooms, bondage photography, comic-strip shower seductions, queer sexuality pride, embroidered hanky codes, and so much more! 18+

I’m super excited to have a few of my sexed-up illustrations featured in this zine. Check them out…

If you want to fondle a copy of this zine in person, you can snag it HERE from the Coin-Op shop! or download a digital pdf version HERE.

Have you had your work featured in any awesome zines lately? Share links with us below!!

Until next time art friends…

Much love.
Chloe out.