🀩 Tabling at Dundee Comic Con! 🀩

Hello wonderful art friends!

This past weekend I tabled at the first ever BGCP Dundee Comic Con and it was fantastic fun! My sister company, Coin-Operated Press was sat next to me and we had a great time checking out everyone’s cosplays and chatting with our fellow nerds!

I was very jealous of everyone’s outfits, and while I did dress nerdy, I definitely want to up my game for next time and try to put together a stylised Loki costume!! Follow me on TikTok at @SeaSlugChloe if you want to see that adventure unfold!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out and supported us – and to everyone who bought my Eevee postcards, I promise I will have prints at the next event! Eevee was by far my most popular artwork of the day, and I need to make sure I have prints and pins at the next con for all the folks I promised them too!

I can’t wait to do this all over again in Cumbernauld at the end of this month, and then again and again at the various cons I have scheduled in throughout the year. Comic cons are very much my happy place, and it was brilliant being a stallholder!Β 

Ooo and I also hope folks found the 3 art bundles that I hid in the venue!! I decided to make up 3 little bundles of my art and dropped them around the venue as a surprise for someone to stumble across and take home some free art! I hope my little freebies made it to good homes! and I really want to do an art drop again next time too!!

Pop on over to my Events Calendar to discover all the events you can catch me at this year!

Until next time nerds!!

Much arty love.
Chloe out.