Hello wonderful art friends!

On my desk today is the electric team of Ash & Pikachu as I mark off another entry in my Pokedex of Pokemon illustrations!

Pikachu, the Mouse Pokémon. It can generate electric attacks from the electric pouches located in both of its cheeks. Pikachu’s tail is sometimes struck by lightning as it raises it to check its surroundings. Pikachu can help other Pikachu who are feeling weak by sharing its electric current. It raises its tail to sense its surroundings. If you pull on its tail, it will bite. Male and female Pikachu have differently shaped tails.”  

If I don’t get to live in the world where I can catch ’em all then I just have to make it my mission to draw them all!

What do you think? Did I capture this famous duo’s spark?!

Which Pokemon would you like to see me draw next? Drop me a comment down below and I’ll add it to the top of my list!

Much love and happy Pokemon catching!
Chloe out.