✂️ International Zine Month 2021 ✂️

Hello wonderful Patrons!

Last year was the first time I had participated in International Zine Month, and I challenged myself to make a mini-zine every single day for the whole month. That was a pretty tough challenge, and while I did manage to make 31 mini-zines, I didn’t quite do it within a month, and my project continued on into August.

This year, I was determined to complete my challenge within the time, so I set out at the start of July to make a zine page every single day… and then in the middle of July I tested positive for Covid-19 and my plans were thoroughly spun out of order!

In the grand scheme of things, we were lucky. My partner, Stuart ended up suffering quite badly, but luckily not enough to have to go to hospital. The two of us were out of action for just under two weeks with fevers, coughing, headaches, loss of smell and taste, snotty noses, and a huge big epic pile of fatigue. It sucked. I’m still pretty tired now, and we are halfway through August already. All we really did for our weeks of isolation was watch movies, and try not to sweat out all of the herbal teas we were drinking… we were super blessed to be experiencing Covid fevers during a mini-heatwave in the UK. NOT! I don’t think I have ever sweated so much in my life!

I was probably about halfway into this challenge when all of this happened, and it took me until the end of July to recover enough to get back into making these pages. I am super behind in all of my art-making plans, and I missed out on a bunch of important things, including my best friend’s wedding, which I am still rather devastated about. July was really not my month! However, I am really happy to be writing this summary. I wasn’t sure this zine was going to get finished, but at the end of our quarantine, I was extra-determined to finish these pages… even if it was no longer International Zine Month anymore! I managed!

Ta-dah! This little zine is indeed complete, and hopefully next year, my July will not be as dramatic as this one was! I am really pleased with a bunch of my pages, and although some feature artworks that I had already made in an effort to ensure this zine would be complete, I am proud of myself for managing to finish all 31 days! A few of my favourite pages include Day 9 where I mused on what the word pansy means to me, Day 11 where I interviewed my family and got to know them a little bit better, and Day 13 where I picked up on a series of illustrations I haven’t drawn anything for in a while, and have now added my Cow Woman to the collection of Anthropocreatures.

Despite all the drama, it was a fun project and I can’t wait to do it all again next year… preferably minus the Covid next time!!

International Zine Month 2021 in store now!!!

How did you do with your International Zine Month challenge? Are you going to participate again next year? or are you reading this and thinking you want to delve into the world of zines for the first time and make a zine?! Comment down below and tell me all about your zinexperiences!

Much love. Chloe out.