✊ Making a Felt Protest Banner with Seleena Laverne Daye ✊

Sew a felt banner. Fists up, choose your weapon, join artist Seleena Laverne Daye in making a mini wall hanging banner from felt, featuring a pride fist holding the thing that brings you joy. Seleena will guide you in how to make the banner, give you hints and tips whilst chatting all things protest banners to what brings us joy. This workshop may include discussion of protest and oppression of marginalised groups. Suitable for first-time and experienced stitchers alike!

I attended this virtual workshop as a part of the Glasgow Zine Fest 2021 and I had a fantastic time! I really enjoyed the energy of this class and the relaxing stitching session really made my weekend.

Seleena made us all feel very welcome and was equal parts knowledgeable and fun! Turning from discussing the importance of textiles in protest art to rating her favourite kinds of crisps! It made for a really cosy few hours of chatting and sewing, and with how I have been feeling recently, I really needed that sense of closeness. The instructions were perfect as well! I can sew… but I am not the best stitcher! so, I really appreciated having easy to follow instructions, and Seleena made me feel like I could accomplish anything!

Seleena Laverne Daye is a self taught textile artist, workshop facilitator and zine maker. Loves to make things about race, class, sexuality and fandom. Seleena can often be found eating crisps and tap dancing.” You can discover more of Seleena’s work here.

We were asked to represent our power in the thing that our fist was holding, and for me, my power is my art. I decided to represent that with a classic yellow pencil and some embroidery handwriting with the words “ART IS POWER” I also decided to further imbue this powerful message by choosing to use the colours of my sexuality. I figured the blue, pink, and yellow of the pansexual pride flag would help to ensure my protest banner made even more of a statement! What do you think?

Sewing is not my chosen artform, but I do always enjoy the chance to sit down and stitch… I find it really relaxing. What do you think of my efforts this time?

What would your power be if you were to stitch it into a banner?

Until next time my art friends.

Much love.
Chloe out.