🐱 Drawing my Cat as an Ice Cream Cone! 🍦


Hey there wonderful art friends!

The wonderful Squiddly Kitten Art put out a call-out for cat art for a zine a few months ago and I knew I just had to respond with something weird and wonderful!

I was inspired by this photograph that I took of my chunky little gremlin…

To me, he looks like a glob of ice cream! so that is what I decided to do with Thor… draw him as an ice cream cone!!

One scoop coming right up…


What do you think? Did I capture this furry little loaf? Does he suit being an ice cream cone?!

Even more exciting than drawing this delectable kitty, I submitted this piece to the Midnight Zoomies zine and it was accepted! I received my copy of the zine the other day and I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I may be a tad biased, but this zine is awesome! And I would highly recommend that you grab your own copy!! Issue 2 of the zine is currently in production, but do follow her on twitter to make sure you never miss out on submitting to these zines! They are so cool!!

I hope you enjoy all this kitty cat sweetness!

Much love.
Chloe out.