🌿 Drawing Totoro 🌿 July Art of the Month 🌿


Very very late in the uploading schedule… but it’s finally here!

I drew Totoro!!

Ya’ll voted for Totoro to be the next focus of my fan art drawing series aka what my monthly Patreon-only drawing votes are going to become in 2021… ALL OF THE FAN ART!!

Totoro was a perfect choice for me! I love Studio Ghibli so much, and Totoro is a character that I would just love to have a big cuddly nap with. I was always so taken with the bus stop scene. Totoro standing with Satsuki and Mei in the captivatingly lit natural setting of that quiet countryside road, and simply enjoying the magic of the rain. Waiting on a bus is such an innocuous task, but seen through the eyes of Ghibli animations the beauty was so heartwarming.

I wanted to capture a little bit of that magic in this illustration. I used watercolours to render Totoro, letting the colours flow into the patterns like rain. I collaged the background with pressed botanicals to evoke the nature spirits of the film, and sprinkled it with a little gold glitter to encapsulate a little more of that magic effect!

You can watch the full timelapse of how I created this artwork HERE.

What do you think? Did I capture Totoro well?

Totoro is available to a good home. You can purchase the original artwork HERE.

Much love.
Chloe out.