😳 Sorry for all of the notifications! 😬

This is a quick note from me to just apologise if you are following me and have just received HUNDREDS OF NOTIFICATIONS and/or emails! 😳 I have just upgraded my WordPress to connect to my Patreon… which was supposed to be a gradual transition, but is has just done it all in one go!

I am tidying everything up at the moment, but I just want to say sorry if you have been hit with a bunch of notifications from me!

Whoops!! 😳

In happier news, I have just upgraded my blog to connect with Patreon!! So that’s exciting! as it meads I will be able to streamline all of my postings, and you’ll get access to all of my awesome arty content in one place whether that is with exclusive content over on Patreon, or here on my public blog!!

Much love.

Chloe out.

p.s. sorry again!!! 😬