IZM: Day 28 Stitch

The prompt for my International Zine Month 2020: Zine A Day project for Day 28 was Stitch. For me, that meant indulging in one of my crafting hobbies…

It is a tad odd that, as an artist, I use different forms of art to help me unwind! A lot of my hobbies involve some form of art or craft. In this instance, I use stitching as a means of stress relief. I am not an expert in this craft, but I find it beautifully relaxing.

I quite often buy kits to make little sewn creatures from, but with the making of this zine, I realised that it was just as easy – and a lot cheaper! – for me to make my own pattern… it was also a lot more rewarding! In this zine, you can stitch together a teeny tiny adorable little sloth figure. I want to use my down time to make more of these fabric decorations, as well as making more of these zines… so, do stay tuned for the future! Maybe I will bring out an actual full-length mega-zine full of little stitched animals for you to create with me! For now, enjoy this adorable sloth…

Stitch is now available in my store! Click me to shop now!!

Much love.
Chloe out.