IZM: Day 27 Flip

The prompt for my International Zine Month 2020: Zine A Day project for Day 27 was Flip. For me, that meant flipping through old trashy magazines to unearth the poetry within…

When I told my Grandma that I was collecting old magazines to make zines with, and to start collecting a stock of materials to use for our Coin-Operated Press workshops in the not so distant future, she unloaded a TON of old magazines on me!! I can always count on my Grandma to come through for me when I need to upcycle art supplies! Sadly, my Grandma reads trashy magazines. I don’t want to call her out too much, but I wish she would read less of the miserable so called “women’s interest” magazines. They are so depressing, and perpetuate the very worst of what it is to be a woman… as if we all have the same interests… they are certainly not in my interest. I’ll need to get her subscribed to some awesome zines, and fill her reading time with fantastic small artist’s content!

For now, I am going to turn these awful magazines into art! I decided to challenge myself by blindly flipping through the pages, and landing on something random. From the single page that I landed on, I would have only the text on that page to work from to create my poetry. I then flicked back through the magazines to find some images that corresponded with the poetry I had created as accents and decorations to my zine pages. It was a fantastic challenge to force my creativity to work a little differently from my usual patterns of art making, and while a tad overwhelming at times, I really got into it! The poetry I created is neither good nor bad, but with this zine, it was the process that was the most important part… I mean, I would have never created a poem about Paul Hollywood without it! I would highly recommend you to try this method if you are having art block! It is great for visual artists, and writers alike.

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Much love.
Chloe out.