IZM: Day 15 Adult

The prompt for my International Zine Month 2020: Zine A Day project for Day 15 was Adult. For me, that meant showing off some of my kinked up illustrations…

While developing my degree show collection at the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design I discovered that my niche skill within the world of jewellery-making was etching, especially hand-drawn nitric acid etches. Through this method of scraping away lines of black etching fluid I fell in love with pattern drawing and this love has become my ink and paper illustrations. My portfolio of NSFW illustration is inspired by my deepest darkest desires, and I often feature strange creatures, rope play, strong feminine symbols, and kink pride within my highly patterned portraiture. The crisp black and white lines have become my signature style, and this Adult zine shows off a collection of my 18+ illustrations.

I am not easily offended, nor easily embarrassed. I do not think sex is embarrassing. I do not think sex is offensive. I am not prudish. If you are practicing safe, consensual sex, as far as I am concerned you can do whatever you like with or without your genitals! Policing how folks want to get off, or judging people for what they find a turn on is the immature way to behave. Get your ropes out, pop a furry tail into your butt, slap that ass, degrade your lover, fuck in the garden, let your lady garden grow wild and free, use that sex toy… as long as you are being safe, getting tested, wearing protection, educating yourself, and most importantly getting consent at all stages of your sexual playtime… do whatever the fuck you want!! Enjoy yourself. Sexual freedom is one of the most blessed downtime moments we get as humans, do whatever feels right for you. In my artwork, I want to explore the sexual fetishes that I enjoy, or am interested in, and in doing so promoting kink pride!! Just remember education, protection, safety, and consent… have fun out there my wonderful weirdoes…

Adult is now available in my store! Click me to shop now!!

Much love.
Chloe out.