Illustration: Lana Brysys

Let me introduce you to Lana Brysys of The Trollflayers… I mean, we only actually flayed a troll one time, and mostly because Jhaan wanted to eat it, but the name kind of stuck. Katie’s partner Aeryn is an experienced Dungeons & Dragons player, and she was wonderful enough to offer to DM for us on our very first adventure together into this fantastic game (and for me, my first ever time playing D&D). I want to completely embody everything about my character. I think Aeryn completely nailed everything I was going to enjoy in this game with this character creation! Lana is a badass Triton Druid, practicing within the Circle of Spores. I get to play with dead things, mushrooms, and animals, I can breathe underwater, talk to water creatures, and I am blue… what more could I want?

Happy playing, and may the dice be ever in your favour!

Lana Brysys
Ink, acrylics, and watercolours on paper.
July 2020
by Chloe Henderson

Lana Brysys (16)


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Much arty love.
Chloe out.



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