IZM: Day 12 Pattern

The prompt for my International Zine Month 2020: Zine A Day project for Day 12 was Pattern. For me, that meant putting my tutorial hat on and creating a how to draw patterns guide zine!

I am excited to start creating more tutorial style videos on my YouTube, and on this blog! This little zine was my first taster of the kind of how to guides that I will be creating, and I really enjoyed this experiment. I can’t wait to share my art making skills with you… stay tuned!!!

To create this zine, I drew a lot of boxes! I measured them out to fit the zine, and then free-handed inking in the lines. It ended up looking a little like comic panels, which I think works for easy to read learning. I also think it is important for me to show the hand-drawn nature of my work when creating tutorials, because it adds an element of imperfection… and to me, I find the imperfections perfect! I like that handmade quality, and I want to remind you that not all drawings are technically perfect, but that doesn’t make them any less wonderful!!… but, that’s just my opinion!!

Pattern (11)

I filled in the boxes on my front page with the illustrations that you would be learning inside the zine. The front page serves as a guide to what is inside the pages, and gives the learner a taste of the kind of patterns within.

Pattern (4)

First up, we have my little Whirlpools. This pattern is a variation on my classic bubble design, and uses a repeated circle design to create the inner undulations. This one is great for water textures, as well as an echo of tree bark.

Pattern (5)

This second pattern is one of my favourites, and I used it a lot in my work. It was originally inspired by tree bark, so it carries the name of Bark Hatches. It also works fantastically for a feather pattern effect when the diagonal lines are drawn as two individuals within feather shaped outlines.

Pattern (6)

This third pattern is a variation on a classic scale pattern. It uses a block centre colour to add more detail to the basic scale, as well as darkening the scales slightly. I also think it has a bit of a 20s Art Deco vibe, which is why I have nicknamed it the Gatsby Scale! It is a perfect pattern for any fabulous dragons or mermaids you may happen to be drawing!

Pattern (7)

This fourth pattern is another variation on my classic bubble design, this time with encased hatching that evokes more of a microscopic feel. I think it looks like little blood cells that have got their stripe on! For this reason, I have named this pattern Zebra Cells!

Pattern (8)

This fifth pattern was originally drawn to create a tartan pattern for a kilt I was drawing… need to get my Scottishness into my drawings somewhere! In black and white, this pattern is a twist on cross-hatching, but if you draw the lines in a variety of colours, the tartan patterns start to emerge. You can have a lot of fun with this one when you add colours, and there is a lot of experimentation to be had here! This pattern is simply called Tartan.

Pattern (9)

Last, but not least, my sixth pattern is the most complex in this series. My Striped Roses are beautiful all by themselves, and work well as a full pattern when layered next to each other. I love using this pattern to create floral clothing.

Throughout all of these patterns I have used the blue lines as the notifier of the next step to take in drawing the pattern. From left to right, the images are a step by step guide, with the last panel showing the completed pattern. I hope this reads well? Let me know what you think of this style in the comments below?

As I embark on my journey of creating tutorial videos and blog posts, I aim to make each of these patterns into a video of their own… as well as loads more of my pattern designs! I will also be sharing various tips and tricks from my art making practice, and teaching you the ways I make my art. I am really really excited to start making how to videos, and I hope you will stick around to enjoy this process with me too! Please hit that subscribe button to ensure you never miss an update! and if you want early access, and behind the scenes perks, as well as awesome art rewards check out my Patreon.

I hope you have enjoyed these 6 different step by step guides for drawing unique patterns. These guides are great for adding detailed elements to your drawings, as well as practicing your line skills, and giving you inspiration for sketchbook drawing exercises. This is Issue 001 in this series, with many more tutorials coming out for you in the future!

Happy learning!

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Much love.
Chloe out.