IZM: Day 11 Playlists

The prompt for my International Zine Month 2020: Zine A Day project for Day 11 was Playlists. For me, that quite simply meant making a bunch of playlists for different occasions!

I was having a bit of a blah mental health day when I sat down to make this zine. It seems apt that my theme for today is on a musical note. Music really has been the glue that has bonded my life together, it is there to pick up my pieces when I feel broken. My musical taste has evolved a lot. In this video you can see my collection of liked music on Spotify. I am now a digital listener, as it seems to be the easiest way to collect all the songs I love in one place… but I do still have an ache for the CD and the record, I like the physical things sometimes. My Chemical Romance and The Dresden Dolls are the two bands that shaped my music tastes, and in fact, my life the most. I want to make fan-zines dedicated to both of these musical loves in the future and share with you the evolution of my musical taste… I guess, it will end up being more of a coming of age story! I’m looking forward to looking back, and moving forward. I’m stuck a little bit in the past at the moment, hence the sucky mental health, so I think that fan-zine come per-zine will be really healing.

But first… for today, I am making a zine full of playlists with some of my favourite music, and I decided to theme each playlist to a specific activity or setting. My 6 playlists are devoted to Making Art, Feeling Blue, Walking in the Woods, Having Sex, Going on a Roadtrip, and Happiness. If you want to listen to these playlists, you can check me out on Spotify here.

My making process for this zine was simple: I made my playlists on Spotify, and then translated them into my zine by handwriting the pages, and then decorating with some musical note stickers that I have been hoarding for a while!!

A Playlist For… is now available in my store! Click me to shop now!!

Much love.
Chloe out.