IZM: Day 9 Eyes

The prompt for my International Zine Month 2020: Zine A Day project for Day 9 was Eyes. For me, that meant getting back into the roots of my drawing style…

I used to draw eyes all the time. I was a little obsessed with them. They became a large feature in my Faery Wings jewellery project, and it was from there that I started drawing patterns in the first place. Those initial pattern designs were the origins of my illustrative style today, and I owe all of this to my obsession with drawing eyes!

This mini-zine is dedicated to that obsession, as I used my creation time to be purely experimental with my pen, and dive straight into the zine and get drawing! I did not make any pencil sketches, or plan any of the drawings, I just set to work and let my inspiration tick away as I was drawing. Some of the pages turned out better than others, and I really enjoyed working through this intuitive process. It reminded me of the importance of sketchbooking, and how I just needed to sit down and draw every once in a while without thinking!!

I also realised as I was drawing that this zine would make a fantastic colouring book, so I decided to leave all the pages as black and white line-work – with the exception of the front page, where I added a little colour to be almost like a serving suggestion of what the reader could do with the inside pages!!

The Eyes colouring zine is now available in my store! Click me to shop now!!

Much love.
Chloe out.