IZM: Day 8 Care Guide

The prompt for my International Zine Month 2020: Zine A Day project for Day 8 was Care Guide. For me, that meant creating a care guide for my Fluffy Jellyfish blog all about the Hierodula majuscula Praying Mantis.

Praying Mantids make fantastic pets as they are beautifully unusual creatures, and are fascinating to observe.

I have wanted to start writing care guides for the animals in my family for a while over on my Fluffy Jellyfish blog, so this zine is a great excuse for me to dive into that! Hopefully, these little care guide zines will become a regular occurrence, and I’ll slowly introduce you all to my animal family! Fluffy Jellyfish is where I share all of my stories about the animals in my life, and write about my love for all things wild!

Gamora was my Hierodula majuscula, and my introduction to the world of Mantis keeping – this zine is dedicated to her! Gamora was a beautiful 9.5cm lady, and her adult form was a stunning shade of bright green, with sharp contrasting reds on her forelegs. I had her from an L4 instar, and she lived to a great old age of 23months. I miss you special lady, you brought so much joy into my life, and I learned so much about how to create suitable invertebrate enclosures thanks to your magnificent testing!!

The Hierodula majuscula is a species of Praying Mantis that originates from Australia, and is commonly found along the northern coast. It is also known as the Giant Rainforest Mantis or the Australian Giant Mantis. This species is typically green, with red inner front arms and purple hues on the underside of the thorax. however can rarely be seen in a brilliant yellow variant. Praying Mantis are an arboreal animal, and spend the majority of their lives hanging motionless upside down in tree-tops to catch passing prey. This is the largest species of the Australian mantids. It is one of the largest mantis species in the world, and the word “majuscula” means “large” in Latin.

This care guide is all about how to care for the Hierodula majuscula Praying Mantis.

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Much love.
Chloe out.