IZM: Day 7 Climate

The prompt for my International Zine Month 2020: Zine A Day project for Day 7 was Climate. For me, that meant writing tips on how to be more environmentally friendly in small ways!

When it comes to tackling the climate crisis, I think we all need to start small. Enacting manageable bite-size changes is much better than not doing anything at all, and we all need to start somewhere. I wanted to make this zine as a tiny guide with a few ideas on how to make little changes happen in your life for the benefit of the planet!

I cut up some old travel brochures that I had lying around… I’m not exactly going to be using them anytime soon with this whole Coronavirus thing!! Eek!! So, they were put to good use for zine purposes, and I really liked how the beautiful travel photography sat against the watercolour environmental words.

I really enjoyed making this zine, and I would like to make more in this series – do you have any ideas for small tips for saving the planet? Drop me a comment below!!

Climate is now available in my store! Click me to shop now!!

Much love.
Chloe out.