International Zine Month 2020 MASTER POST

July is International Zine Month, and for 2020 I have challenged myself to make a mini zine every single day throughout July! That is 31 whole mini zines from start to finish PLUS a tutorial style video documenting each zine that I make!! A busy month for me indeed!!

Bookmark this post, and pop back to see how I am getting on with this challenge – I will be updating it every day with my latest zine…..

Day 1 was Bubbles! Bubbles are a staple of my pattern drawing style, and I wanted to dedicate a whole tiny zine to the humble bubble. Each page is an experimental drawing of different ways to draw bubbles, as well as a tutorial page showing you to draw four individual bubble patterns.

Day 2 was Hidden. For me, that meant creating black-out poetry. I used an old, tattered, duplicate copy of Virginia Woolf’s To The Lighthouse to uncover my poetry from. The method is simple, yet really effective, and a perfect boost of inspiration for a poetry writing novice like myself! You take a marker that is thick, and dark enough to cover up the text, and then cover over the words with only your poem remaining to be read. My poetry started off with deep consideration, and literary thought… but then quickly descended into finding the rude bits and making dirty poetry! It was good fun!!

Day 3 was Discarded. For me, that meant going back in time. The theme for my final A Level art project was Discarded, and I wanted to make a mini-zine to be a documentation and a way to share that body of work. I was super proud of what I created when I was my little 17-year old self, and it was the first time I really threw myself into my art, and realised that this was what I wanted to do with my life.

Day 4 was Banana. For me, that meant journeying into the kitchen! I enjoy cooking, but I rarely make the time for it. Recently, I have started to collect recipes for dishes I want to cook, and I am slowly experimenting in the kitchen. This zine is a result of those experimentations, in particular, my experimentations with bananas!! This mini-zine is full of delicious and nutritious recipes featuring the humble banana to help you get one… or more of your five a day! All of the recipes are vegan, simple to cook, and use easy to source ingredients. Bananas are among the most important food crops on the planet! I hope you will enjoy eating them in these decadent recipes!

Day 5 was Microadventure. A Microadventure is an outdoor adventure that is “small and achievable, for normal people with real lives” and this microadventure zine is all about our day trip to the beautiful fishing village of St Abbs… or as it is now more commonly know New Asgard.
This tiny, remote village was used as a set in Avengers Endgame, and became the home of the remaining stranded Asgardians. I made this teeny tiny zine to document our shenanigans, and share our travel stories with you. I hope you enjoy reading all about our mini-adventure, and seeing the photography from this stunning Scottish coastal village.

Day 6 was Conversation. I met my partner, Stuart, online. For the first year of our relationship, it existed mostly in the digital sphere. We lived in different cities, at opposite ends of the country… and I am an anxious bean when it comes to phonecalls, so Messenger chats were our main option. It worked for us. Even now, a lot of our conversations happen through our phone-screens. It might sound cold, and distant, but sometimes I struggle to form my thoughts into words, and more often than not they stumble out of my mouth in incoherent rambles. Damn you anxiety!! Luckily, I am able to string together sentences more coherently when I type them out. Stuart is very understanding of all of this, and he will patiently wait while my fingers tap away at the keys, and then we can talk things out. Our communication has evolved, and grown through the digital. In this zine, I wanted to share a little snippet of what some of our conversations look like, as well as telling the story of how we first met. It started with a question prompt, and meandered into a glimpse of our relationship… all the while enjoying the stunning views of New Asgard, which we visited during the making of the Microadventure zine!

Day 7 was Climate. For me, that meant writing tips on how to be more environmentally friendly in small ways! When it comes to tackling the climate crisis, I think we all need to start small. Enacting manageable bite-size changes is much better than not doing anything at all, and we all need to start somewhere. I wanted to make this zine as a tiny guide with a few ideas on how to make little changes happen in your life for the benefit of the planet!


IZM Prompts 2020

Do you want to make zines with me? I am celebrating International Zine Month July 2020 by creating a mini-zine every single day! We can respond to the list of prompts I have unveiled, and challenge ourselves to create LOTS of zines!!!

Everyone is welcome to participate! Make zines all the time? Want to amplify your skills by making more zines? New to the intriguing world of zines? Reading this, and wondering what a zine is? THIS is the challenge for YOU!!!

Let’s make something unexpected together!

If you want to be a part of this art challenge just use the prompts list below to help give you inspiration for your daily zine making. Be sure to tag your zines with #IZMZineADay on your socials, and don’t forget to tag me as well! I want to see all the amazing things that you create this month!

*Sidenote* Don’t feel pressured to make a zine every day, you can participate in this challenge at your own pace. Zine-making is supposed to be fun, and I want everyone to feel like they can be a part of this challenge… I just like making things difficult for myself!! Be creative, make zines, have fun!

Much love.
Chloe out.

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