Illustration: Maleficent

Animated Maleficent fits the traditional “crone” archetype perfectly. I was so enamoured with the recent re-telling of the Disney classic, where her character becomes relatable, and is given great depth. We see her develop from an innocent child, through a bitter betrayal, to become the “Mistress of Evil” that she is touted to be. Yet, Maleficent is not beyond redemption, and although she does make mistakes, she is a strong enough character to learn from them, and better herself for the benefit of those around her that she loves. The climax of the film is the most important, with a kiss on Aurora’s forehead, Maleficent proves that true love comes in a variety of manifests. Adaptions like this, that take on a feminist re-write are very much needed in a society that still promotes the idea of a Prince Charming and often tends to oppress the idea of powerful, independent-thinking women. This is why I chose to illustrate the beautifully faceted Maleficent.

Ink, acrylics, and watercolours on paper.
June 2020
by Chloe Henderson

Maleficent (1)


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Much arty love.
Chloe out.



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