Coronavirus Lockdown Diaries – Day 35

Lockdown Diaries (35)

Day 35 – 26/04/2020

Bilbo passed away this morning. I felt a little devastated, and my fingers were shaking as I typed out the message to Rosie. Bilbo was an old girl, but I was gutted she did not make it long enough to see her Mum again. We buried her in the garden with the rattos, and Tom. As we walked back towards the house my Mum was shaving all of my Dad’s hair off. He looks like an egg. His head is so pasty white and shiny. It is, quite frankly, hilarious. The sight of his ridiculously white head cheered me up a little from my apathy and sadness from the morning. Stuart forced me to have a shower and get dressed so we could go for a walk. I resisted, but I am glad he made me. We took a route in Dalkeith Country Park that we have never walked before, and, while it turned out to be a little more foresty, and less of a path than we had thought, it was nice to feel a little bit of adventure creep back into my bones! The weather was glorious, and we made out in the spots of sunlight pouring in through the trees. Being in natural spaces is a great boost for my mental health. We watched two squirrels fighting over food, spotted little mice darting out from the wild garlic, and we even heard an owl! When we got back home, my Mum had cooked us delicious burgers which we enjoyed in front of a few episodes of Supernatural, before heading upstairs to set up for our virtual quiz! Jamie & Danielle joined us for a round of virtual family quizzing, with my parents at their own laptop downstairs. I was quiz-master, but that did not help with our victory, as my parents claimed the top spot!! It was a fun evening, and I am glad we got to spend a little more time as a family, even in this odd virtual way! I am a socially anxious soul, but the humans I do connect with I am grateful for. We are going to try and make this a regular occurrence, and are planning on attempting to get my Grandparents involved next time!! I am going to need to seek out better questions… wish me luck!