Coronavirus Lockdown Diaries – Day 34

Lockdown Diaries (34)

Day 34 – 25/04/2020

This morning I was lazy and stayed in bed until 11. I was awake, but not in the mood to get up. It is Saturday after all, I think sleeping in is a given – especially as I was sad not to be going on one of our usual adventures. However, we did have an adventure planned, a virtual one! Once again we were journeying into the world of Dungeons & Dragons to be awoken from our nap in the toilets to continue seeking out the Gibberling Broodmother! It was a fun session; I think we all got into our characters a little more, and we defeated the enemy and levelled up in awesome style… mostly with the help of Stuart’s character’s sugar daddy, Zidros!! When we were finished, we sat outside with my family, and they pointed out that we were in fact nerds as we regaled them with tales of our adventure… as if we did not already know that! Then, all of our general knowledge skills got tested as Jamie became our pub quiz host. It almost felt like a normal Saturday. We even managed to order a takeaway from our local Indian. It took a lot longer than normal to arrive, but we entertained ourselves with more quiz questions! When our food finally arrived, it was oh so welcome. It felt like a normal Saturday night, as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening around the world. We barely talked about Coronavirus, merely touching on it by laughing at the ridiculousness that was Donald Trump literally telling people it might be a good idea to inject bleach to cure the virus, and smiling at the news of Captain Tom Moore who reached the No.1 chart spot with his cover of “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. Our evening was simply family, good food, nice weather, and a bit too much beer on the part of my Dad!… and it was perfect. We extended the evening by lighting the chiminea, and sitting huddled around it with blankets, chocolate, beer, and tea. Fire has always brought folks together, or maybe it was the beer. It was beautiful. We talked bollocks, obviously, and stared up at the stars as the evening turned into night. I really needed this. A little snippet of normality.