Coronavirus Lockdown Diaries – Day 33

Lockdown Diaries (33)

Day 33 – 24/04/2020

Today we took advantage of the nice weather to go and spend some time with my Grandparents. They were having trouble with their iPads, and as this is a big source of entertainment and connection to the outside world for them, it was fairly essential that we fixed them. The sunshine meant that we could encourage my fearful Grandad outside to sit with us – socially distant of course – and we had lunch with them while taking on the role of tech support! Luckily, their front garden/driveway has two benches, and is big enough for us to sit more than 2-metres apart. We were supposed to be there to cheer them up, but the two of them were miserable. My Grandad is scared to leave the house, even just to sit in their garden. We were trying to encourage him to go for walks, while staying safe, instead of sitting cooped up in front of the telly. He is distressing himself by watching too much news, and it seems to be getting jumbled up in his head. Trying to explain that while Coronavirus is in the air, it is not in all of the air, and that he won’t catch it by opening the windows is hard. Trying to explain anything is hard. My Grandma tends to make things worse with her vaguely hysterical outbursts, and treats him like a child. Nothing seems to spark joy for either of them at the moment. It is sad, and I wish there was more I could do. Just being there, I suppose, is all I can do. Simply try to be encouraging and focus on the positives for them. We spent most of the afternoon there, and I think they were vaguely happy by the time we were ready to leave. We found the photos that my Grandma had been harping on about for months on her laptop, and our presence seemed to encourage my Grandad to have a socially distant chat with his neighbours as they left their house for their daily walk. Hopefully with frequent contact from us, be it virtually or these odd socially distant meetings in the garden while the sun is shining, we can keep their spirits up and prevent them from breaking down while stuck in the house. Social distancing is hard, and it seems to be much harder on the older generation. I worry for them. We all need to do our bit to ensure we all keep happy during these times.