Coronavirus Lockdown Diaries – Day 32

Lockdown Diaries (32)

Day 32 – 23/04/2020

I had a bit of a depressive day. I felt bored. I was not in the mood to work. I managed to get a bit of life admin out the way, emails and all that, and I wrote one blog post draft… but I was just not feeling it. I tried sitting down to paint something, but the first thing I tried went horribly and I got frustrated. Today is not my day. I succumbed. I downloaded TikTok. That may have been a mistake. I am now obsessed. I have been watching TikTok videos for 2 hours straight. That was my day today. I created one too. My first TikTok video aka the rat boys eating spaghetti. Maybe this will be a good way to drive people to view my YouTube and blog content says my business head… but my monkey brain is just enjoying the hit of happiness I get as I scroll through and find the videos that make me laugh. I did spend the latter half of my day with some semblance of productivity, I devised a TikTok plan for the Fluffy Jellyfish profile I set up, and for the art one I intend to set up soon. I also complied some film clips from my pet folders that could be used to create TikTok videos with… that’s kind of productive, right?! Sometimes a nothing day is just what you need to refresh. Today is Thursday, which means at 8pm we clapped for the keyworkers once more. We are in this for the long haul it seems. From NHS workers risking their lives to save patients, to delivery drivers distributing essentials to the nation, to neighbours helping each other out, to kids painting rainbows of support in windows, to teachers continuing lessons, and every other wonderful person who is shining light out into the darkness of this crisis: you are all valued immensely. We clap for you.