Zines: Self Care in Lockdown

Yesterday I had another fantastic virtual zine-making session with Rosie! Pop back a couple of posts to check out the mini-zine I made in the previous session. Last time, my zine was all about anxiety, so this time I felt like it would be a good idea to make a zine all about self care! I really enjoyed being able to create a finished piece by the end of the last session, so I decided to do the same this time – finishing things is my form of self care!

This mini-zine is supposed to a fun little guide for if you are feeling a bit stuck with how to cheer yourself up amidst all of this Lockdown madness. I have placed it on my desk as a reminder to take care of myself, and to stay positive where I can. I hope reading this post will help you feel that way too.

What self care tips do you have for coping with Lockdown?

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I still feel anxious when on Skype, but these sessions are a great chance for me to be creative without thinking too much about the results… also, hanging out with Rosie is always great fun whether it is virtual or in real life… though I know which one I prefer! I would highly recommend calling your creative friends and sitting down with some scrap paper, pens, and glue to create zines together – anyone can make zines, whether you think you are “artistic” or not, and they are a great outlet for all the pent up emotions that Lockdown is stirring up in us.

If you have been making zines to help you cope with Lockdown, please share them with me! Drop them in the comments below, or scroll over to the side to follow me on my socials and we can chat about zines there!

Stay safe out there my friends.
Much arty love.
Chloe out.