Coronavirus Lockdown Diaries – Day 31

Lockdown Diaries (31)

Day 31 – 22/04/2020

This morning I enjoyed the chance to sit outside to work again. The occasional cascading cherry blossom in the soft breeze, with beautiful chiming birdsong, and warm rays on my face is everything my mental health needs to be uplifted, and to feel productive. I also wanted my little shelled friend to enjoy this beneficial sunshine, and while blogging, I kept an eye on him wandering around the garden. Elvis has been kept inside for most of his life, so it is fantastic for us to be able to offer him some enrichment in the garden. I am looking forward to having our own place so we can build a special tortoise space for him outside, and he can have even more outdoor adventures! For now, this garden is a great spot for him to roam around, munching on all the dandelions my parents have not quite made it to on their made rampaging weeding sessions! It is a little annoying that I have to supervise Elivs, to make sure he does not wander off, or eat something he shouldn’t, but I love watching him plod about and soak up the sun. A productive morning turned into a productive evening, as my film The Chimera Artist was screened as a part of Glasgow Zine Library’s Community-Made Cinema Viewing Party. I am loving the inventive ways in which the arts community is still managing to bring art out into the world, even if most of it is happening virtually! I need to make an effort to involve myself in more opportunities where I can, and at the very least engage in more of the brilliant art that is being shared virtually. SUPPORT THE ARTS!!! My film was last in the screening, and it was great to watch all of the other talented filmmakers first. I kept my eye on the comments box during my film… not gonna lie, the praising comments were a nice little boost to my artist ego! Today has been a good day.