Coronavirus Lockdown Diaries – Day 30

Lockdown Diaries (30)

Day 30 – 21/04/2020

This morning I hung out with Rosie again, and we had another virtual zine making session! I am really enjoying these sessions, and it is nice to get into the creative mindset with a friend. I made a mini-zine about how to practice self-care in Lockdown! We also started talking more seriously about our idea for starting a zine business; where we would host workshops, fairs, and create zine content. We have talked about it for ages, but it has never quite come to fruition. I think this Lockdown, while limiting us in some ways, is a blessing for giving us the motivation, and time, to be able to work towards this goal. We have set up an official zine business meeting for next Monday to take the big jump into starting this thing for real! I am really excited!! My happiness dissipated a little with a message from my boss this evening. It contained information on the furlough scheme, and how she is intending to move forward, but she also mentioned the potential for redundancies. I really appreciated her honesty, but it has made me a little nervous – this is not exactly the best time to be seeking out a new job. While I complain about feeling stuck here, I am grateful about the stability and security that living with my parents is bringing. It was not meant to be for this long, but at this time it is a small blessing, I know I could have it worse. “Mitigating poverty, Labour says, must be a major part of the post-Covid welfare policy response.” says a Guardian article I am reading about the positives that could come out of this crisis. I am really hopeful that when the world changes post-Covid-19, that most of the changes are positive ones.