Coronavirus Lockdown Diaries – Day 29

Lockdown Diaries (29)

Day 29 – 20/04/2020

Today was my day of bringing these zine pages to life, and that took up most of my day. I am really enjoying the process of creating these, and I hope to continue journaling after this Lockdown is over. I think I will move in to an actual diary book, instead of these loose leaves, as it will be a little easier for me to curate each page. I think I will still publish them. Perhaps this project will always only be of interest to me, and the occasional passerby, but I am happy with that. I caught up with a little news before our gaming date this evening. I read about the growing lack of confidence in Boris, even some of his supporters are starting to realise that he is an incompetent twat. Donald Trump is also an incompetent twat, but we already knew that. Protests in America are still ramping up, and the conspiracy theorists are out in numbers. Am I more afraid of Covid-19 or the stupidity pandemic?. I wish I had not bothered looking at the news, it made me feel so apathetic and pissed off. Luckily, I managed to cheer myself up by discovering the #CuratorBattle #CreepiestObject thread on Twitter, and was left both amused and a little unsettled by the entries! A little spooked was probably a good frame of mind to be in to enter the realm of Dungeons and Dragons! as we had another virtual session with Rosie and Aeryn this evening. Our party is on a mission to discover what happened to the occupants of Carol Keep, and as we finished off our adventure napping in the toilets, the monstrous Gibberlings still roamed around the castle. I still hate Skype, but I feel myself getting more into the game, and I am starting to be able to act the part of Lana Brysis a little better! Also, I am a dice goblin.