Coronavirus Lockdown Diaries – Day 28

Lockdown Diaries (28)

Day 28 – 19/04/2020

This morning I got to leave the house for a ride in the car! Is this how dogs feel? It was weirdly nice to just get out of the house and be driven around. I was out with my Mum to pick up our Click and Collect shopping from Tesco, and to drop it off at my Grandparents. I wanted a chance to say hello to them properly, even with social distancing! We brought the shopping in to the garage, while they stayed inside. We then sat on the bench outside their gate, while they sat in front of the house. It was weird. But it was nice to see them, even if they were being a bit miserable! My Grandad is struggling to make sense of all the news stories, and he is scared to go outside. We tried to encourage the two of them to make use of the nice weather and go for walks, or spend time in the garden, but they are scared, and do not understand. I worry for them. I hope our visit cheered them up a little, and, if nothing else, washing the shopping would give my Grandma something to do for the day! This afternoon we made use of the glorious weather by sitting outside as a family, and enjoying a barbeque! It was such a pleasant afternoon, and it felt almost like a normal summer day, even if only for a moment. All of our conversations still revolved around Coronavirus news. Nearly 7million jobs are at risk if Lockdown lasts months. The shortage of PPE and funding for the NHS still continues, and we all agree that the Government needs to pay for its lack of action. Boris is still not back to work. We are still not testing enough people, and the tests we have done may not be so accurate. What is the death toll today? Do you think China is lying about numbers? Can we please vote the fucking tories out next time around? Stuart, do you want to move to New Zealand? I have never paid as much attention to the news in my whole life as I have done in these past few months… but still… the sun is out…