Zines: I don’t hate you… I just have ANXIETY

Yesterday, I had a fantastic virtual zine-making session with the wonderful Katie Mayes! I had no plans for the session, but I quickly decided that I wanted to try and make a finished mini-zine by the end of the sitting.
I started to fold up a few mini-zines while we started our chatting – I had forgotten how to fold them, and my paper-folding skills are a little lacklustre anyway, so it was a good chance for me to practice!! As the conversation ebbed and flowed, I was struck with some inspiration, and this little bundle of paper anxiety was created…

Social anxiety is such an easy way to fuck up relationships. Panic can make you do stupid, selfish things, and end up hurting your friends without even thinking about, especially without intention. It sucks. My anxiety is most prevalent when it comes to hanging out virtually or via phone calls. I really struggle with phone calls, and Skype/Facetime/etc. are just slightly worse versions of that. This whole Coronavirus Lockdown thing has been a real test of my anxiety!! and a test for my relationships as well. I am really grateful for my understanding friends, for the work-arounds we have come up with, and I can only apologise for when my anxiety forces me to become bothersome and frustrating… this zine is for you.

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Do you have anxiety? How do you cope without isolating or frustrating your friends and family?

Stay safe my friends.
Much arty love.
Chloe out

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