Coronavirus Lockdown Diaries – Day 26

Lockdown Diaries (26)

Day 26 – 17/04/2020

Happy Birthday Brother! Happy Birthday Grandma! Celebrating a Birthday in Lockdown is just not quite the same! We tried our best, but blowing out a virtual candle does not cut it!! We have all promised to treat Jamie, and my Grandma to meals out when all of this is over. We are all missing being able to go out for dinner together, so I think that is the first thing we will all be doing when restrictions are lifted. For now, we will continue to connect virtually, as it was announced yesterday that the Lockdown has been officially extended for a further three weeks. Dominic Raab told us there was “light at the end of the tunnel” but it was too early to “ease up” on the current restrictions as we have not confidently reached the peak of the infection rate, nor do we want to cause another spike. Our boss sent a message to the work group chat stating that she is putting a plan into action to get us back to work on the 4th of May. It will be staggered, and there will be new safety protocols, and we will adhere to social distancing measures. I want to be working again, but I am nervous to go back so soon. I do not feel safe yet, and I do not want to put myself, or my family, at risk. The majority of our Birthday celebrations revolved around Coronavirus news, none of us seemed to have anything else to talk about. However, Jamie and Danielle did brighten our evening. For his Birthday, Danielle served Jamie a Lockdown taster menu –fancy microwave meals with their own beer accompaniments! One of those dishes involved mashed potato…