Learning: Modern Watercolour Techniques

While in lockdown, this seems like the perfect time for me learn new skills! So, I signed up to the two-month free trial on Skillshare, and I have been earmarking classes to brush up on my watercolour skills. I really enjoying adding colour into my illustrations, and I have always wanted to get better at painting with watercolours… and now seems like the perfect time to pursue some new learning!

“Explore your creativity and expand your painting skills with these step-by-step watercolor techniques! We’ll be focusing on modern techniques that you can’t achieve with any other medium – this is part of what makes watercolors so special.” [source]

The first class I decided to try out was Modern Watercolour Techniques with Cat Coquillette. I found this class to be a great start for beginners, but as I already had some basic watercolour knowledge it was a little limiting. It felt more like a class on how to replicate Cat’s style (don’t get me wrong, her style is beautiful! I just don’t want to copy other artists!!) than learning new techniques. However, I did learn a few new tips and tricks, and it was fun trialling out a new style.

I decided to paint a galactic blue whale as a project to test out my new skills…

I was not hugely pleased with how it turned out. I like the aesthetic of the white space technique, but I found it hard to control while still getting decent blooms, bleeds, and blends. I dived back into my sketchbook and practiced with loads of the spacey blooms I wanted to achieve…

I think the main reason that I was not overly satisfied with my finished work is that it did not feel like me, it was not my style. So I went for a round two on the same design…

Modern Watercolour Techniques CatCoq (20)

Modern Watercolour Techniques CatCoq (15)

What do you think? Which whale do you like better?

On the whole, this was an easy and fun class to get me into the swing of some online learning, and a great excuse to play around in my new watercolour-dedicated sketchbook! There will be many more colourful adventures coming soon, so, do stay tuned…

Stay safe out there friends.
Much arty love.
Chloe out.