Coronavirus Lockdown Diaries – Day 24

Lockdown Diaries (24)

Day 24 – 15/04/2020

This morning I finished off my watercolour course, wrote it up as a blog post, and watched a few more intro videos on Skillshare to select my next course to enrol on. Speaking of enrolling, I also took advantage of a Lockdown deal and registered for a Zoology diploma from the Centre of Excellence. I am looking forward to studying towards my eventual goal of working with animals. The course has no time limit, so I plan to work through it slowly and ensure I get everything I can possibly get out of it – doing my own case studies, reading, and research to supplement the course where I can. This is also helping me live out my dream of being a perpetual student!! In more happy news, I have been really enjoying the positive news story of Captain Tom Moore. The 99-year old war veteran has raised over £9m for the NHS. Captain Tom originally set out to raise £1,000 by challenging himself to walk 100 lengths of his back garden by his 100th birthday. This captivating story really brings light into the darkness of this crisis. Thank you Captain Tom, you beautiful man! In less happy news, we are starting to wake up to the mental health impact of this pandemic… however, it made me hopeful to see this news story, as we can perhaps anticipate a rise in better mental health care for the country. Mental health services might actually be funded now? One can only hope! We can all agree that this crisis is horrific, but I want to see the positives that could come from this. I am hopeful that we will be a little kinder to each other, that we will keep this beautiful community spirit going, and perhaps even become more globally connected, that we can use our panic for good to protect the environment, that folks will allow themselves more time to work on their passions and the things they enjoy, that people will have more choices for how they work, that the homeless might be provided for, that our healthcare services might receive better funding, that we will make actions actually happen, that the tories might actually get kicked out next time round, that those things that we thought were impossible might now just be possible. One can only hope.