Coronavirus Lockdown Diaries – Day 23

Lockdown Diaries (23)

Day 23 – 14/04/2020

My day was mostly taken up drawing out these zine pages. My process for these journal entries is to write the diary at the end of every night before I go to bed, and then on Mondays I have been creating the actual artwork, then photographing and posting online. Today is Tuesday, so I am a day behind, but you know… Easter Monday mixed with depression and all that! The zine pages for Week 3 were all completed by the end of this day, so I am happy. My happiness has faltered a little as I caught up with the news this afternoon. This period is now being referred to as “The Great Lockdown” as the economic impact of Coronavirus is going to be comparable to The Great Depression, or worse as some estimates suggest. There is a current divide in politics of whether we should go for a shorter Lockdown to reduce these economic consequences, or to enact a longer Lockdown to reduce the death count. I have to say I am emphatically on the side of the latter. Human lives are more important than money… but that is looking at this issue in black and white. It is too hard to tell what the impacts of either will have on the future as most of those impacts are either invisible or difficult to predict. I generally abhor politicians, but I do not envy their current positions. In this era of unpredictability it is almost impossible to make the right decisions. Stuart tore me away from my computer screen of worry to show off his freshly trimmed beard. He did, in fact, bow to social pressure! On his own terms anyway. It is cut short. I don’t like it. He looks like an egg. I told him that. He begrudgingly agrees. I think we will both be glad when it grows back in. He still will not let me trim his hair. Perpetual scruffbag! My evening was further brightened by getting to watch a movie on Disney+ with a cuppa brew and a pile of biscuits. Today’s selection was Wreck-It Ralph: Ralph Breaks The Internet. I really enjoyed it and felt that it lived up to the first film. I am grateful for these small moments of happy, and the little distractions I find from the real world.