Coronavirus Lockdown Diaries – Day 22

Lockdown Diaries (22)

Day 22 – 13/04/2020

“We are still not passed the peak of this virus…” was the news snippet I caught from the dreaded radio this morning. I am not sure who said it, but their words scare me. It means the Lockdown will be extended, and the death toll will only continue to rise. I am in a state of dismay. It does not help that I have been reading articles about the PPE shortage and the failings of the Tory Government to procure the supplies the country needs. Our Government is incompetent, and you can tell me all you like that they are doing a good job under the circumstances, but you can just fuck off. I think I need a walk to clear my head.. The serenity of leaves crunching underfoot, wind swirling the branches above, the sweet scent of wild garlic, and soft birdsong fills me with a quiet bliss, and I am calmed. On our walk we forage for Elvis. We are getting better at identifying the different weeds and wildflowers that he can eat. Foraging for Elvis brings me closer to the natural living that I crave. My inner fae is satisfied. When we return home, my Mum decides to entertain us by cutting my Dad’s hair! She was inspired by Jamie’s recent shaved-looked, and now it is Dad’s turn. It was vaguely hilarious to see her hack at his hair with the razor, and to be fair, she did not do a bad job… but that did not stop us from mocking them!! The mocking extended to Stuart’s unruly beard and hair, but he is stubborn and will remain a scruff! I can’t really mock at the moment, it’s lucky if I shower and get dressed daily… comfy clothes make all of this bearable would you not agree?