Coronavirus Lockdown Diaries – Day 21

Lockdown Diaries (21)

Day 21 – 12/04/2020

Happy Easter. That means it is acceptable to have chocolate for breakfast. So I did. The internet is being dodgy again today so I decided to spend my time painting and reading. My watercolour whale has improved, and is nearly finished. I am currently reading Perfectly Preventable Deaths by Deirdre Sullivan. It is a beautifully written tale of the macabre and magic, set in the Irish countryside. I am really enjoying it so far, and happy to get back in to reading again. I seem to have waxes and wanes of reading, but lately there have been more of the latter. That has not stopped me from buying new books. The pile of unread tomes by my bedside is growing worryingly high and I am at risk of being crushed in my sleep by toppled over fairytales and unread Neil Gaiman stories. While I read, Stuart writes. I am really pleased to see him getting creative, and working on a passion he has wanted to explore for years. With work, he usually lacks the time or energy to enjoy his hobbies, so I think this time has been good for him, and I am grateful for that. I am looking forward to reading his story. The lore behind it sounds fascinating, and I think it could be an exceptional tale. I just need to push him a little to work harder on the actual writing and to stop taking “gaming breaks”!! We are both procrastinators! We were a little nippy with each other this evening. He hadn’t taken the bins out yet ever though I had already asked him three times, and I was insisting that we had vegetables for dinner. Our arguments are always about the small stupid stuff. While we are good at giving each other space, I think we are starting to get on top of each other a little bit, and even our good relationships is put under a little strain. I can imagine a lot of relationships are currently being tested. Saying that, I could not imagine Lockdown without him, and I am grateful he is here with me… even if we get a bit irritating to each other from time to time! Happy Easter!