Coronavirus Lockdown Diaries – Day 18

Lockdown Diaries (18)

Day 18 – 09/04/2020

It has been too easy for me to be consumed by negative emotions, as yesterday proved! It feels like a luxury, in this time of crisis, to focus on happiness, but positivity is a fundamental key in our health. Happiness literally strengthens the immune system. I am not going to be one of those people that tells myself to “just be happy” “just stop being anxious” “have you tried meditation” because we all know that is super helpful… but there is a power in positivity. I am going to try my best to actively promote my production of serotonin and dopamine. Today, that happiness looked like: curling up in my happy bed, wrapping my toes in my unicorn duvet, and cuddling up to my Pusheen pillow. Why? I wanted a warm cosy space to fill me with positive energy to catch up on my Patreon posts, write a newsletter, and apply for a few more arts opportunities… and all of that I did do! Today, the power of positivity helped me achieve the things I wanted to do. As the Lockdown period is extending and extending, with no obvious end in sight, I can only try my best to keep this affirming energy lit. A few dull moments of anxiety and depression will be permissible, but I want – need – to push through if I want to achieve anything, even if all I achieve is my own peace of mind. I enacted on my optimistic outlook by only briefly glancing at the news, instead I sought out good news stories. Boris is out of intensive care, but I am struggling to care about that. I care about the benefits our Lockdown is having on our natural world: wildflowers are blooming. I really do hope that we can retain this panic and apply it to the Climate Crisis. I want to use my skills as an artist to promote my political thoughts on the environment. To me, it is the most important issue facing our world. Now is the time to get political. I have always wanted to take my art in a more opinionated direction, but I have always been fearful of confrontation. I feel small in a world of large voices. But there are some issues that are too big to be quiet about; the Climate Crisis matters too much. I want to make art that matters. This journal seems to be a good start! Keyworkers matter, and once more we clapped for them at 8pm. It has become a tradition. We are realising it is them who are keeping the country from sinking. I am proud of them.