Coronavirus Lockdown Diaries – Day 16

Lockdown Diaries (16)

Day 16 – 07/04/2020

I started working on my Skillshare watercolours course this morning, but was rudely interrupted by house guests!! Jamie and Danielle (my brother and his girlfriend) popped round to pick up a few tools from Dad’s garage, as Jamie is starting a gardening business with Danielle’s Dad to make a little money while he is unable to work. We sat out with them in the garden, pretty much all afternoon. It felt a bit weird, like we should not be doing this. An everyday situation now feels like a daring endeavour. However, we knew we were as safe as we can be in these times: my parent’s garden is big enough for us all to sit more than two metres apart. Jamie and Danielle were not allowed inside, and the coffee cups they used were thoroughly scrubbed! We took precautions. We were not like the idiots we have been seeing in the news that were gathering in parks and beaches to sunbathe in their thousands, or were we? That was what most of our conversations revolved around: Coronavirus news. We laughed at the 5G conspiracy theorists, and ended up discussing the ridiculousness of flatearthers. We talked about the jobs that are actually important: we should value our doctors, refuse workers, delivery folk, food growers, shopkeepers, and stop rewarding the arseholes who work in banks, or insurance, or the lawyers. We need to value the people working real jobs, and stop giving so much credit to the made up jobs we humans have given value to. Maybe sometimes I am too idealist? My main argument was that everything is made up anyway, so why even bother. My inner nihilist was showing. We talked about the effects of staying inside on our mental health. We shared our coping mechanisms and it all sounded lovely when broken down in to a simple to follow list, but we all know nothing is quite so simple. It was nice having a bit of company! and it was glorious sitting outside in the springtime sun. I felt happy today. More like this please.