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Lockdown Diaries by Chloe Henderson

My recent Lockdown Diaries series has been featured by the fantastic art’s publication Dwell Time…

Dwell Time


Throughout the lockdown period I am documenting each day with a single zine page. It is a journal entry of my thoughts from the day, and a chronicle of how I passed the time each day of isolation. I am curating these pages on my blog, and you can view each update here:

I am an Edinburgh-based interdisciplinary artist. In this series of work I am creating a zine to keep my idle hands busy, and vent out some of my pent up emotions by getting them down on paper. Each day I add another page to the zine, another journal entry. Every leaf in this book of undetermined length is hand-written, with accompanying illustrations and collaged pieces of my days. Is this art? or am I just bored?


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