Coronavirus Lockdown Diaries – Day 15

Lockdown Diaries (15)

Day 15 – 06/04/2020

It was nice to distract myself from all the bad news by adventuring in Waterdeep with my Trollflaying companions yesterday… but today I was submerged back in to reality once more. I mean, it is Monday, so I guess that is just the usual pattern of things. Boris has been admitted to hospital. I am not one of his fans, nor agree with his politics, but still, I hope he pulls through okay. I watched the Queen’s address to the country. The Queen’s speech. Is it Christmas time already? It is odd: I do not consider myself a royalist, nor do I really care much for the Royal Family, but I do have a respect for them. I always quite enjoy hearing what the Queen has to say, I just wish they would use more of their wealth for the good of the country, rather than for the extravagance that I feel is unnecessary in our modern world. A little good news from today: residents of Robin Hood’s Bay were surprised to see a Dalek patrolling the streets… “By order of the Daleks, all humans must stay indoors, all humans must SELF-ISOLATE!” Sometimes people are beautiful. My happiness signed me up for the 2 month free trial on Skillshare, and I hope to use some lockdown days to learn new skills. I browsed some of the intro videos, and I enrolled on a watercolour class. I plan to use tomorrow to start working through that. In the evening we finished another season of Supernatural. We are now on season 10. We will soon need to find ourselves a new series to binge! Speaking of binging, we are running out of candy supplies. We may have to sacrifice Stuart again, and send him out to the shops! Instead of using my evening me time to play games and mess about on Tumblr, I actually did a little work and applied for a few creative opportunities and competitions. I feel better about my days when I get something done, and crossing items of my to-do list is good for my mental health. Even writing this journal every day is something for me to be proud of. It is the little things, right?