Coronavirus Lockdown Diaries – Day 14

Lockdown Diaries (14)

Day 14 – 05/04/2020

We actually spoke to some different humans today! It helped me get out of my shitty mood. Rosie, and Aeryn managed to make it back safely from Australia! and today we played Dungeons & Dragons with them via Skype. I am not the great with Skype, or phone call type things in general – they give me a lot of anxiety… but I tried to get over it, because I wanted to hang out with my friends in the only way that is possible at the moment!! It was a good session! This is only our second time playing together, and for myself and Stuart only the second time that we have ever played D&D. I worry that I am not imaginative enough, or a good enough actor to be an enjoyable adventuring companion for my group… but I am trying my best! My character is a Triton Druid called Lana. I have blue skin, an affinity with the water, I fight with mushrooms, and can turn into animals. Pretty much everything my alter-ego should be!! It was also really nice to catch up with Rosie and Aeryn. It has been way too long since we last spoke, and I am looking forward to all of this being over so we can hang out in real life again! I am also excited to get started having zine-based shenanigans with Rosie. At least we have this time to get into the planning stages of what we want to do with our zines in the future. Hopefully soon we can take ourselves out into the real world to host workshops and fairs, and various zine happenings. I am excited. It is great to have a collaborative art project to work on again, and even better to do it with a friend, as it makes me accountable, and actually pushes me to work on something without procrastinating all the time! That is a big problem with me at the moment, I need to rid myself of that big ball of procrastination that is weighing me down. We finished off our evening with more distractions from real life, more procrastinations, by dipping in to the latest season of Pokemon Sun & Moon. We are basically overgrown children, and I am proud of that!!