Coronavirus Lockdown Diaries – Day 12

Lockdown Diaries (12)

Day 12 – 03/04/2020

Every morning, my routine is the same. Wake up. Turn on our tortoise’s (Elvis) lights, and open his vivarium door. Shower, and ready myself. Give Elvis’s house a bit of a tidy up, change out his water, and feed him his breakfast. I mist the millipedes, mantis, and scorpion enclosures, and make sure everybody is doing okay, feeding them as needed. I like to give the rats a bit of fuss in the morning, but they mostly just want their breakfast!! We let Elvis out to roam around my bedroom, and when the weather is warm he roams in the garden. Our evenings are structured around the pets as well. We bring Elvis up his dinner after we have had ours, and every other day he also gets a bath. Later on in the evening, we take the rats out for a free-roam session. This usually lasts an hour, where they eat their fresh food offerings, and we interact, and play with them. We then give their cage a bit of a tidy, re-fill water bottles, and scatter feed their dinner. I like to sit and watch them at this time, it brings me joy. We then give the hamsters a bit of fuss, feed them, and check their homes are all clean, with water topped up. On an average day, we will spend about 2-3 hours with our pets… probably double that during lockdown! I read an article today about how pets are helping their owners cope with the stresses of lockdown by giving us humans a form of routine and structure to our days. I am so grateful for my animal family… and I am sure they are enjoying all the extra treats!!