Coronavirus Lockdown Diaries – Day 11

Lockdown Diaries (11)

Day 11 – 02/04/2020

The number of deaths globally has surpassed 1 million. All other news pales in comparison to that number. I am only human, I had to turn to the positive news stories after reading that. I needed to distract myself, and not dwell. I instead read about the superheroes who are using their one exercise a day to make people smile by wearing full costumes out on their walks and runs. I enjoyed the photo of deer in Harold Hill grazing on a patch of grass outside a quiet housing estate. The Urban Nature Retreat took their alpacas to visit residents at Heatherfield Care Home in Armadale to cheer them up. I was feeling all emotional, and that last one had me tearing up a little watching the happy wee faces on the residents when they saw the alpacas at their windows. It made me feel a little better about the world. Not everything is terrible. I used my happy mood to get some work done: I applied for a bunch of arts opportunities, and wrote a few Patreon blog posts. I want to use this time as productively as I can, but I also need to make sure that I do not keep beating myself up for not achieving as much as others I see on social media. I need to stop comparing myself to others. It gets me nowhere. I do not need to produce a masterpiece, or come out of this with a million new skills, and a perfect body. I just need to live, and get as much out of my time as I can, while taking time to relax and take care of my health – physical and mental. Small goals every day. Focus on the positives. Like this evening, at 8pm we stood outside and took part in the second “Clap for Carers”, this time, with bagpipes! There were more people out this evening, and the sound of clapping in the air was really heart-warming. The one huge positive of this crisis is the beautiful community spirit, and the acts of altruism that are just so precious.