Coronavirus Lockdown Diaries – Day 10

Lockdown Diaries (10)

Day 10 – 01/04/2020

I am practicing self care by only opening up my news channels once in the morning. I want to stay informed, but I do not want to fall into a pit of despair by constantly checking for updates and being consistently depressed by the results. This morning, all of the news seemed to be bad news. The police in the UK are being criticised for being too heavy-handed in implementing the lockdown restrictions. The people who are stranded on cruise ships that are not allowed to come into port are starting to die. The government is still not testing enough people, and has admitted to only having tested 2,000 NHS staff. 152,979 people have been tested so far, 29,474 have tested positive. The UK death toll is at 2,352. The global death toll has just passed 40,000. Those who are dying from the virus, are dying alone, as their families are not allowed to visit them in hospital. Almost one fifth of all small business in the UK are “at risk of collapse within one month.” The Edinburgh festivals have been cancelled. It is April fools day today, but none of this is a joke. I took a deep breath, had my shower, and decided to try and make a positive out of my day. I cheered myself up a bit by watching a bunch of my favourite animal YouTubers, which got me into the productive mood to start blogging and working on my own YouTube videos. I ended up procrastinating quite a lot, and did not achieve as much as I wanted to… but that very much seems to be the main problem when working from home. Today has been a wasted day. I gave in to apathy. I need to push to make tomorrow better, to make it count.